The Long Wait

Tearing out my hair
In ire over chapters scant
A line here or there

In the frustrating world of getting a thesis done, the window of productivity seems to close slightly more every day. One hour of work is worth ten hours of agony I suppose. But is there anything to gleam from staring at a blank screen that doesn’t write itself? Patience, yes. We could all stand to be a little more respectful of our mental states. Kindness, too. We don’t normally get things done in a day. We should be generous to ourselves. We should love ourselves on our most difficult days. We should love ourselves when we cannot anymore. We should love ourselves when we wake from our three am benders or fall asleep on our screens. We should speak softly our admiration for our skills, whisper our appreciations on tender ears. Most of all, we should not take things too personally–if we depersonalize, desocialize, deemphasize, and deride ourselves into something other then selves, maybe we can get work done.

But then again, I’m at the graduate bar and I drink to get away from this.

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