Get Bent: a Suggestive Cue

Get bent
out of shape like an old rubber toy
you forgot to save at your parent’s garage sale
’cause you thought there was still something to save
in something so useless
but with so many memories rippling in its ripped biceps
you watched your childhood weep between the cracks in the sidewalk
for a bargain steal of a toonie
and you said it wouldn’t hurt
as some punk of eleven with a tongue out in defiance
laughs at hair “so totally retro”
takes your toy in his oversized hands
and pulls it as hard as he can

limbless corpse

and while you mourn the loss of your old plastic companion
’cause you didn’t know what else to do
I’ll kick you when you’re down
and snap your stretchy superman limbs
across the table
into the wall
and into the garbage

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