Some kind of reflection on Bruner

The narrative time of life
is the ebb and flow of expectation
versus the interruption
the fabula and the syuzhet
the scapula that leans against the door frame
pine bark lips and the yellowed beetles
lined up in the shadows
The story is the direction, power of the teller
to utter it into the world
with purpose
and if the story walks on its own
and crawls into the mouths of its audience
who tells it all again once more
then the story has not only legs
but a sense of being
that is felt and formed
by those who hear it
a body that is both life and art

What does Bruner tell me about narratives?
that we tell things to specific audiences,
that these stories are relatable
that we can suspend some disbelief
that there is something unexpected in it
that we conflate time and order
that narration has power
so what does that mean for my thesis?

If people tell me stories in the field,
then narrations are ways of structuring moments
of reality and non-reality, not necessarily fantasy or fiction
into a linear path
they tell me these stories for a particular reason
maybe they might think it’s a good story
but they also are life itself, refracted as art
and is art the goal of the story?
do interlocutors aim to make good art
or do they express narrations because they can
because it’s a weight
because no one will believe them
because someone will hear it
I don’t know
I think that letting the story express itself
lets things rise and fall
like yeasty bread in a metal bowl
How much of a story do we ignore or focus upon
because it shocks or excites us
how it distracts us on purpose
that we cannot look for something else otherwise.

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